James Rigler is a famous ceramic artist who was born in 1978 in Wellington, New Zealand. After completing his MA in Ceramics and Glass at London’s Royal College of Art, he began showcasing his pieces throughout the world. He now works and lives London, Glasgow.

After finishing a course at the University of Brighton in London, UK, on Architecture as well as his BA in 3D crafts, Rigler followed this up by studying his MA in Ceramics and Glass at London’s Royal College of Art, which he graduated from in 2007. He has since made many waves in the modern ceramic art world and has served as principal mold & model maker for Lamb’s Terracotta & Faience in Brighton, UK. He has also assisted many other big eminent modern artists.

Rigler has gained acclaim and recognition for sculptures that are bold and exciting, inspired by architectural engineering, design, and functionality. Many of his installations have been on very grand architectural scales. To describe his newer works in his own words; his work is “led by thoughts of ruined and abandoned ancient places, romantic landscapes and stage sets”. The objects he creates are epic and thought-provoking, providing a thought-provoking representation of everyday functional themes, highlighting that which takes the ‘ordinary’ to the ‘extraordinary,’ twisting their context to give them new, deeper meaning.

In Rigler’s practice, he sets out to reexamine and deeply explore the hidden wonders of the world around us every day, be it the seemingly mundane or the largely monumental, and adds a level of surrealism that adds aesthetic appeal as well as metaphorical appeal.

An example of James Rigler’s surrealist take on reality is his installation at the Marsden Woo Gallery in London, titled “The Lost World.” To paraphrase James Rigler’s words, It is only through the examination of our surroundings that we realise how odd our surroundings really are, what makes certain things stick out, and all the structures that link our world together.